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Security Is A Process Not A Once Off Engagement

A vulnerability assessment program against your organisation's defenses which provides expert analysis of the findings and recommendations to mitigate these issues.

Ongoing subscription service that betters equips a customer to proactively manage new threats.

With SafetyNet, customers enroll in a program that allows them to choose the frequency of assessments: quarterly, monthly, or weekly according to their needs.

'Industry leading consultants scrutinising your defenses on a regular basis'

The SafetyNet program provides security vulnerability detection and analysis for devices on a network, by a team of highly skilled professionals. The team works with you to provide the advice, analysis and expertise that you need to maximise the effectiveness, security and performance of your network.

Why test my network?

A security assessment of your corporate network allows you to quantify the risks associated with open computing.

Common misconceptions: 'I have a Firewall, therefore my network is secure'.
Not necessarily. A firewall is an essential part of a network security infrastructure, but simply plugging in a firewall and hoping for the best is risky. If your servers are poorly configured and security policies are lax, an attack is likely to succeed.

SafetyNet - Why do it?

  • Peace of mind
  • Independent assessment by security experts
  • Confirmation of security status
  • Detect new vulnerabilities in a timely manner
  • Highlights vulnerabilities introduced by change
  • Detect configuration errors
  • Compliance with best practice - Legal mitigation
  • Risks associated with user activity
  • Cyber liability insurance benefit